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What is Master-Guided Film Revision? Master-Guided Film Revision can be compared to the recent ‘Zac Snyder Cut’ of the Justice League film: our Masters will help you to overhaul your film completely through re-editing, audio-visual enhancements and narrative structure to enhance your vision and make the film the best it can be. Why choose Master-Guided Film Revision? If your film has consistently failed to be shortlisted for international film festivals, or has been shortlisted many times but fails to actually win awards then Master-Guided Film Revision may be for you. The advice of our experts (who know what the festival jurors are looking for) can increase the probability of award winning at an international level. Winning awards and being screened at major festivals can also help the film commercially- streaming services and other distributors will pay attention to such films and can reshape your position in the international film market. The guidance of the Master can also help to empower your movie: you can use the name of the Master in your credits and promotion and the Master will directly recommend his works to international festival jurors around the world.

  • Thom Palmen

    Famous producer, curator, judge
    He has been invited as a jury member to numerous film Festivals, notably in Berlin, Sofia, Regensburg, Cottbus, Aix-en-Provence, Indie-Lisboa, Poznan, Bratislava, Hamburg, Setubal, Cork, Kinochock (Anapa), Tampere, Puchon (Korea), FESPACO (Burkina Faso), 2Annas, Riga, Vision Youth Award (Beijing) and many more.

    Award-winning representative works::
    His first film as producer, In the Theme (director Olga Popova, Russia) was selected and awarded at the Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale) Shorts in 2008.
    2011: Birthday Director Jenifer Malmqvist) Screened at Sundance and around 120 festivals world wide.
    2013: Undress Me (Director Victor Lindgren) Premiered at Berlinale where is received the Teddy Award.
    2018: Prisoner of Society, Georgia/Latvia, 2018, short documentary (Best Documentary Tampere, 2018, EFA nomination, Tampere, 2018 and many more. Shortlisted for the Academy Award)

    Career Experience:
    Founded the Umeå International Film Festival in 1986. Since 1996 Artistic Director until 2007.
    General Secretary of the European Coordination of Film Festivals (ECFF) 1999-2002.
    President of the European Coordination of Film Festivals (ECFF) 2002-2004. And for a second period 2006 - 2007
    Member of the pre-selection committee for the Swedish National Film Prize for Shorts & Documentaries (Golden Bug) 2003-2007
    Voting member of the European Film Academy.
    Since 2018 General Manager of the Tampere BootCamp, an international training course for young filmmakers.

  • Daniel Elliot

    Famous British Director
    International jury member of many European film festivals

    Winner – Silver Berlin Bear – 59th Berlin International Film Festival
    Nominated – Golden Bear – 59th Berlin International Film Festival
    Nominated – Best Short Film – BAFTA
    Nominated – Best Short Film – 7th London International Short Film Festival
    World Premier – 63th Venice International Film Festival
    Winner – Best European Short Film –63th Venice International Film Festival
    Award-winning representative works::
    2017-2018 Mentor – Random Acts – Arts Council/Channel 4
    2017 Script Editor – Short film commission – Arts Council/Tyneside Cinema
    2016 Speaker – ishorts Short Film Scheme – BFI/Creative England
    2016 Mentor – Lambing Season short film – BFI/Creative England
    2016 Script Editor – Howls short film – Dir. Catriona Mckinnes
    2015 International Jury Member – Dresden International Film Festival
    2013 Torino Film Lab Framework Participant – Russia, Italy
    2013 International Jury Member – Go Shorts Int. Film Festival, Netherlands
    2012Torino Film Lab Script & Pitch Participant – Sweden, France, Italy
    2011International Jury Member –Regensburg International Short Film Festival
    2010International Jury Member –Unlimited International Film Festival, Cologne
    2005International Jury Member –Dresden International Film Festival

  • Shafik Obrai

    Master of Fine Arts and Film Director, University of Edinburgh
    Master of Arts in Media Production, University of Sunderland, UK
    (The highest degree in arts, equivalent to other professional doctorate)
    Graduate School of Media Management, University of Stirling, UK
    Bachelor of Film and Television Production, Guildford College of Art, UK
    "Just Another Missing Kid" the Best Documentary at the 56th Academy Awards,CBC
    Award-winning representative works::
    2013-PresentVisiting Professor of Choreography and Directing Department of Sichuan University
    2013-Present Senior Lecturer, University of Sunderland, UK
    2006-Present Creative Director, Bridge and Tunnel Productions, Newcastle, UK
    2002-2003 Associate Professor of Film Making and Editing at Concordia University, Quebec, Canada
    1999-2002 Independent producer and project developer
    1999 Producer of the TV series THE FERRET at HTV Welsh
    1997-1999 Planning and producer of Moving On at CBC (The program won the Gemini Award, It’s analogous to the Emmy Awards given in the United States and the BAFTA Television Awards in the United Kingdom.)
    1993-1997 Producer of 50/UP at CBC(The program won the Gemini Award three times in a row)
    1990-1993 Producer of LIFE: THE PROGRAMME(which has won many international awards) at CBC, director of FASHION FILE at CBC, and director of FASHION TELEVISION at Toronto City TV
    1998 Director of MAN ALIVE at CBC
    1975-1988 Editorial staff of THE FIFTH ESTATEatCBC(It has won many international awards, including Oscar Award)

Successful Cases

  • 《Waiting in the tent》

    Director: Gang Jie Gompazar

    Finalists of the 5th Binhai International Micro Film Festival

    Finalist at the 4th Cherry Blossom Film Festival

    Finalist at the 7th Vancouver International Chinese Film Festival

  • 《The Star》

    Director: Gao Jinfeng

    Award for Best Actor at the 9th Dada Saheb Falk Film Festival

    Finalist at Busan International Art Film Festival

  • 《Getting Home》

    Director: Wen Xiaolin

    Best Foreign Language Short Film Award, Best Photography Award, Southern European International Film Festival, Spain

    Finalists of the 5th Binhai International Micro Film Festival

    Nominated for the 8th Nice International Film Festival in France

    Best Editing Foreign Language Film Unit, Milan International Film Festival, Italy

  • 《The Island》

    Director: Wu Xinyu

    Nominated for Spain's Southern European International Film Festival

    South African International Film Festival shortlisted

    Finalist of the 9th Romanian International Short Film Festival

    Finalists of the 6th India Noida International Film Festival

  • 《Fish Water Affection》

    Director: Zhou Chong

    Nominated for the most talented new director at the 16th London World Film Festival, nominated for best editing in a foreign language film

    Cannes Mediterranean Film Festival Finalist

    Nomination for Best Picture in Asia Pacific at the 6th Australian Colorful International Film Festival

    Finalists for 2020 South Africa International Film Festival

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