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In Sfilmmaker (please refer to the general service terms defined by Sfilmmaker), we value customer privacy as much as we treat our own privacy. The formulation of this privacy policy provides you with assurance that we will not use your personal information and we will oppose other websites using (y)our information. So the personal information you provide us will be respected and protected, and our privacy policy includes four different categories:

1. General public:
Sfilmmaker collects information submitted by users, such as name, email address, and age, verifies users' identity, and sends notifications to users related to Sfilmmaker services. Sfilmmaker also collects other information for connecting to the website (such as the definition of Sfilmmaker's general service terms).

2. Film Producers and Film Submitters:
By registering for the Film Festival (as defined in the X Film Festival Participation Agreement), you grant the organizers of this competition the right to view all submitted information and/or materials. You have also given the organizers of this competition permission to share your information with the organizations and individuals they collaborate with. Sfilmmaker does not control how the organizers of the competition use or disclose the information you authorize us to provide to them. If you have concerns, you should verify with the competing organization to determine how they intend to use your information and/or submit materials. We will not disclose the list of competitions you have participated in to any third party other than you. Whether your submission is accepted or rejected, we will keep it confidential.

Therefore, no one will know which competitions you are submitting to, unless the competition units publicly disclose the selected works and information on the submitted materials (this information can be found in the Sfilmmaker). Most competitions only disclose selected works, while non selected works are kept confidential. By submitting materials to the competition party through Sfilmmaker, you will grant Sfilmmaker (and its affiliated institutions) a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, permanent, and irrevocable authorization, including the right to be authorized in Sfilmmaker and the right to disclose on the affiliated website whether the competition party has accepted your work.

3. The organizer of the competition and its management and staff:
Unless otherwise specified in this privacy policy or the New Film Festival Participation Agreement, we do not use or disclose the names of the producers of the submitted works, as well as the names of those selected or eliminated, when the organizers of the competition publicly submit information about the materials. Except for authorized personnel from the competition organizer and authorized Sfilmmaker, no one can access your Sfilmmaker account and stored information.

4. General usage and safety instructions for all users and members of the meeting:
Unless you grant third-party "choice" permission to directly contact you, your personal information will not be shared with third parties. Sfilmmaker has technical and operational security programs to protect your personal information from loss, misuse, change, or unintentional damage. In some areas of the website, we use "cookies" to enhance your online experience. Cookies allow our database to identify any information related to your movies or film festivals, and allow you to easily browse our website. When you shut down your PC system, all of our cookies will expire.

This is to ensure that every time you enter the secure area of Sfilmmaker, you must log in and browse. Most PC browsers now recognize the 'cookie' feature and allow you to reject or accept it. If you turn off your computer cookies, our system will not function. The personal information collected by Sfilmmaker will be stored in a safe operating environment and not open to the public. In addition to the above usage requirements, we do not share your personal information with any third party unless we believe that such behavior is necessary and meets the requirements of legal regulations.

At the same time, in order to protect the rights of Sfilmmaker, or to implement the general service terms or other supplementary terms and conditions of Sfilmmaker. Please note that our website will have advertisements and links to our advertising clients' websites. If you click on these links, you will leave our website. Although we do not share any of your personal information, when you click these links, once you leave the external website of Sfilmmaker, no matter the customers, advertisers or sponsors of the film festival, the privacy policy of the external website may be different from that of Sfilmmaker.

If your computer can also be used by others, you should remember to exit and close your browser window after completing the work to ensure that others cannot access your personal information. If you have any questions or opinions about the management of personal information, please contact the support department. You can also use this address to communicate any questions about complying with our privacy policy. We reserve the right to change our privacy policy to adapt to our constantly changing business, technological innovation, and the needs and expectations of our users. If we make any significant modifications to our privacy policy regarding the use or disclosure of your personal information, in addition to adding these modifications to this privacy policy, we will publish relevant notices on the website and send you email notifications. We hope you regularly review this privacy policy to ensure familiarity with the latest version.

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