Refund policy

For filmmaker users, Sflimmaker platform offers a 3-day refund application guarantee for the following service products:

1. Master Guides and Music composer fees,

2. film translation and proofreading fees and

3. Iinternational filmmaker certification IMDB fees;

 which require an application to be submitted within 3 days of purchase and in accordance with the relevant refund regulations (no relevant materials provided or no service provided by the platform), refunds can be made, refund applications beyond 3 days of purchase are not accepted.

Non-refundable items include: festival registration fees, e-stamp purchases, trophy and certificate mailing fees, IMDB Pro promotion and film screening storage fees, festival admission fees, visa fees, festival hotel check-in fees, etc.

The above is subject to final interpretation by Shao Studios Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd

  • Contact number:+86-10-80877820
  • Service hours:10am--8pm
  • Company name:Shao Studios Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd
  • Company address:F1 and F2, 20-2, Block J, Gaobeidian East Area, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

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