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  •   We are officially authorized by film festivals. 95% exclusive contracted film festivals are for Asian areas
  •   The best and most pioneering film works in Asia are gathered at Sfilmmaker.
  •   With exclusive 24-hour bespoke service, we create true VIP experience for film festivals
  •   Sfilmmaker will become the direct branch of your film festival in Asia, branding your festival by all means.

  •   Our sophisticated algorithm recommends film festivals on the platform and matches films automatically and specifically
  •   Through online submission, the film festival can receive your work instantly
  •   We screen film festivals rigidly while protecting the rights of filmmakers
  •   The chances of being awarded through our platform are far greater than by submitting yourself
  •   Previous winners will help optimize filmmakers work and enhance the chances of winning awards

Sfilmmaker.com——the Global Film Festival Submission Platform

Give 50 million filmmakers and 20,000 global film festivals around the world access to the professional services of Sfilmmaker.

Build an international platform for the input and output of film culture so that future directors are hatched from the Sfilmmaker platform!

Trusted by the world's leading film festivals

More than 500 exclusive award-winning premium film festivals, including more than a dozen Academy Awards/BAFTA-accredited film festivals, are all using the Sfilmmaker platform

Sfilmmaker has attracted more than 100,000 filmmakers around the world

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Sharing, inheritance, and internationalization are the core intentions of the Sfilmmaker platform

I hope that the Sfilmmaker platform can share more industry resources for filmmakers and support new filmmakers on their road to success. Beyond that, successful filmmakers can also help more peers by sharing knowledge, art, experience, and future development. We are making not only movies but also culture. A culture of self-confidence and that of production are the mission of every filmmaker. Cheers to our filmmakers, you are the best!!

Message from the Organizing Committee of the Film Festival

Dear filmmakers,

We are very proud to see a platform as such.

Submitted quality Asian films to our film festival and we do hope to see more high-quality

and diversified works appear in our film festival.

Scott Hillier——ÉCU President

Award News

  • Courage Film Festival 2023

  • 7th South Film and Arts Academy Festival

  • Venezuela Five Continents International Film Festival

  • All Asian Independent Film Festival 2023

  • San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival

  • Jaipur International Film Festival-JIFF

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