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Another World was a good documentary with a relevant message which was not too heavy handed in its delivery. Enjoyed how the teachers took their time show the educational expriences in their areas. 

This is a large-scale public welfare documentary directed by well-known director Shao Xinying with a focus on children’s education in the west and the countryside of China.

Wang Qingde, showed through out the documentry the details and experiences of the children. He went further to have heart to heart conversations with children, who also expressed their famiy backgrounds which also affected their emotional well being. There is also a clear distinction between the eduactional facilities shown between the school in Qinghai and that in Yunnan. 

The documentary has no provocative language which also makes it suitable for all ages to watch and enjoy. 

Overall, this documentary clearly had a focus on discovering and comparing the educational facilities available in both Qinghai and Yunnan. It teaches one what other children experience as their education in their own unique local environments. It is highly recommended to watch it and have personal awareness of the education provided in places such as Qinghai and Yunnan. 



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